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COVID-19 Statement

At Hotel La Catedral your health, comfort and well-being are our priorities. We know that those that choose us as an option for their vacation or business plans look for a safe establishment with all the safety measures. This is why we have implemented the policies for your health and peace of mind.


By being a small (boutique) Hotel we have implemented occupancy limitations. We will have a maximum of 25 guests or less. This will allow all of our valued customers to have a spacious environment where the necessary social distancing can be implemented.


Occupancy in our rooms is rotated whenever possible so that the same room is not used by different guests in consecutive days having a minimum of 24 hours between the last guest’s ‘check-out’ and the new guest’s ‘check-in’.

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Woman with Paper Mask


Members of the hotel staff are required to wash their hands upon arrival when they first arrive for their shift every day and then at 20 minutes intervals, followed each time by use of hand sanitizer. Everyone must wear a face mask and face shield at all times, even when not near hotel guests. They must use the footbath for shoe sole disinfection upon entrance to the facilities. Each staff member is required to a temperature check upon arrival each day and subsequent checks every 120 minutes. Our staff’s health, safety and well-being are just as important to us as everyone else’s.


    Shoe sole disinfection using the footbath at the entrance of the hotel and use of hand sanitizer which is available at the main gate of the hotel. There’s only one entrance open to the hotel. The use of face mask, hand sanitizer, social distancing of no less than 6 ½’ are mandatory. Children with less than 4 years of age are not required to use face mask, it is up to their guardians to make this decision. Temperature check upon arrival is required for every person entering the Hotel. If any person’s temperature is higher than 99.5 ℉ (37.5 ℃) that person and his or her group will not be allowed into the facilities. There will be a 5-minute cool-down period for a second temperature check which will be final. Anyone not wearing a mask or in need a of a new one will be provided one at a charge at the Hotel’s front desk. Our guests will be provided a face mask free of charge if needed.
    Follow all the instructions given by the Hotel’s personnel. It is not allowed to move or join tables. The maximum number of guests at a table is six only if they belong to the same family. Chairs may not be moved from their original position. It is not allowed to add tables and/or chairs. There’s shall be a minimum of 6 ½’ between guests that don’t belong to the same family or group making no differentiation whether they are standing or seating. Face mask is not required when sitting down at your table.

Hotel La Catedral reserves the right of admission for anyone who doesn’t follow the guidelines and policies previously stated. Thanks for your attention, we are watching over the health and safety of everyone.

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